About Us

A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Gary Whittaker, a seasoned professional in telecommunications and broadcasting, founded JackRighteous.com to develop AI-generated content and create a series of Choose Your Destiny books about "Jack Righteous." In February 2024, he went all-in on AI music generation to bring his stories and characters to life through music before releasing the books, launching JackRighteousMusic.com after his single "Coffee Shop Romance" on Spotify.

Influences: A Father, Bob Marley, and Jesus

Gary's father, Bob Marley, and Jesus have profoundly influenced him. His father's traits and challenges inspired his music, and Bob Marley's songs fueled his musical dreams. Jesus' spiritual guidance shapes his artistic journey.

Embracing AI in Music

AI-generated tracks like "BBL Drizzy" by King Willonius showcase AI's potential in music. AI tools enhance creativity, streamline production, and democratize music creation, augmenting rather than replacing human artistry.

Personal Impact and Emotional Connections

Gary's music fosters deep emotional connections. For Mother's Day, he created songs for his mother, strengthening their bond. He aims to help others build connections through custom songs.

Inviting Collaboration and Exploration

Explore AI-enhanced tracks on SoundCloud and consider collaborating. For custom music or album cover art, visit our Custom Services.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Join us at JackRighteous.com as we deliver innovative, soul-stirring music that resonates worldwide. Experience the vibrant saga of Jack Righteous.