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Hear 'Unison - Every Artist Every Song' by Jack Righteous Before Anyone Else

Be the first to experience Jack Righteous's tribute to Canadian music artists with the pre-release of his new album, 'Unison - Every Artist Every Song.' This collection of 12 diverse tracks showcases Canada's cultural richness and the spirit of unity. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to listen early and support Canadian musicians!

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Guide to Using Suno AI for Music Creation

Unlock the full potential of AI in your music creation process with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to use Suno AI to create innovative tracks, streamline your workflow, and elevate your sound. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting out, this guide has everything you need to master AI-driven music creation.

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Ultimate Guide to AI Music Creation: From Concept to Final Track

Transform your musical ideas into polished tracks with our step-by-step guide to the music creation process. Discover essential tips, techniques, and tools for every stage, from initial concept and songwriting to production and mastering. Elevate your music creation skills and produce professional-quality tracks with ease.

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Comprehensive Guide to Distributing Music with DistroKid

Get your music heard on all major platforms with ease. Our detailed guide walks you through the process of using DistroKid to distribute your tracks, ensuring your music reaches a global audience. Learn about the features, benefits, and step-by-step instructions to maximize your music's potential.

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Latest Label and Artist Updates

Get the inside scoop on all things Jack Righteous. From new music releases and label news to behind-the-scenes updates, stay informed and connected with the latest happenings. Follow our journey and be a part of the Jack Righteous community!

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Traditional Music to AI Innovation

Why I Embraced AI Music: From Traditional Tunes to Suno AI

Ever had melodies in your head that you couldn't bring to life? Learn how AI music transformed my creative journey and how it can inspire yours too!

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Bring Your Musical Ideas to Life with AI

Create Your Own AI Song: Work with Jack Righteous

Dream of having a custom song tailored to your vision? Learn how I can help you create a unique AI-generated track that resonates with you!

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Explore the Future of Music with AI

AI Music Industry Insights with Jack Righteous

Dive into the latest trends and developments in AI music. Discover how Jack Righteous is leveraging AI to transform the music industry!

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Black male AI musician working in a modern music studio with dollar signs, musical notes, and streaming platform icons in the background.

Unlock the Goldmine: How to Make Money with AI Music!

Discover the top strategies to monetize your AI-generated music and turn your passion into profit.

Are you ready to transform your AI music creations into a lucrative venture? Learn the best ways for independent musicians to make money with AI music, from streaming and licensing to collaborations and more. This untapped niche is a potential goldmine waiting for passionate creators like you. Find out how to maximize your earnings and build a loyal fan base today!

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  • Stop Thinking Like a Musician! The Fan's Guide to Music Success

    Unlock the secrets to creating music that truly resonates with your audience. Discover why thinking like your number one fan can transform your music career, and learn the top mistakes to avoid. Get ready to connect with your listeners and take your tracks to the next level!

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  • Top Mistakes to Avoid When Releasing AI Music on Spotify

    Don't let common mistakes hold back your AI music career. Learn the key errors to avoid when releasing music on Spotify and discover expert tips to ensure your tracks get the attention they deserve. Make your next release a hit!

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  • A_modern_music_studio_with_a_Black_man_working_at_a_computer_showcasing_a_music_production_software_interface.

    Top Workflow Mistakes to Avoid in Music Creation

    Streamline your music creation process and avoid common workflow mistakes. Discover how to stay focused, connect with fans, and refine your tracks for maximum impact. Take your music to new heights with these essential tips!

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  • A_diverse_group_of_music_fans_enjoying_music_together_in_a_cozy_room.

    Think Like a Fan: Avoid These Music Release Mistakes

    Boost your music career by thinking like your number one fan! Learn how to avoid common release mistakes and connect with your audience. Get the insights you need to make your music stand out and build a loyal fan base.

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  • Discover the Power of Music Inspired by Faith

    Immerse yourself in a unique musical experience with our collection of songs inspired by the Old Testament. Each track is crafted to bring biblical stories to life, offering spiritual insights and emotional depth. Perfect for Christian families and spiritual seekers, our music is a journey through faith and devotion. Listen to previews and support our mission to share the message of a Loving God.

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  • AI in Music: Transforming the Industry in 2024

    Discover the cutting-edge ways AI is revolutionizing the music industry. From major labels like Warner and Universal to iconic artists such as Wyclef Jean and Drake, explore the innovative trends and tools shaping the future of music. Dive into how AI is enhancing creativity and what it means for the next generation of music.

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  • Supporting Unison Canada: Jack Righteous Music's Charity Initiative

    As an artist, I believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. That's why I'm proud to announce that the Unison Fund is my chosen charity on my Spotify Artist profile. Unison Canada provides vital support to music professionals, offering counseling, emergency financial aid, and other essential resources during times of hardship. By streaming, sharing, and providing feedback on my custom playlist, you can help support this incredible organization. Join me in making a difference for the Canadian music community.

    Support Unison Fund 
  • How "BBL DRIZZY" is Revolutionizing the AI Music Industry

    Discover how "BBL DRIZZY" is transforming the AI music scene with innovative AI-generated tracks. Learn about the technology behind the music and its impact on the industry.

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  • Discover Jack Righteous Instrumentals on SoundCloud

    Explore a diverse collection of high-quality instrumental tracks by Jack Righteous on SoundCloud. Perfect for enhancing your projects or enjoying unique beats.

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  • Create Custom AI Music with Jack Righteous

    Get your own custom song tailored to your needs with Jack Righteous. Provide your song's purpose, genre, tempo, and lyrics or ideas for a unique, high-quality AI-generated track.

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  • Unlock the Future of Music with Suno AI 3.5 and Jack Righteous

    Explore how Suno AI Version 3.5 revolutionizes music creation with its advanced features. Join Jack Righteous for an exclusive first listen to his "V3.5 Dubstep Instrumental Bangers" playlist, available only on Suno. Click to discover the next evolution in AI-generated music and be the first to experience these groundbreaking tracks.

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  • Creating Your Own Music on Suno

    Interested in Suno AI, here is a basic starter guide to get you going

  • Experience Eden's Love Story

    Dive into Jack Righteous's dramatic retelling of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Through three captivating songs, explore themes of love, transformation, and resilience. Each track blends reggae, afrobeats, and triumphant anthems, bringing a fresh perspective to this timeless tale. Discover how Adam's unwavering love and protection for Eve lead them through the ultimate journey.

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  • Why I Support the Unison Fund

    Thank you for your continued support and for joining me in this important cause.

    Supporting the Heartbeat of Music 

Need that Chill Vibe?

Latest single Fly High (Watch Me Stream) released on March 22nd, 2024

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Biblical Reggae Begins Righteously

Behind the innovative label "Jack Righteous" on "Jack Righteous Music," Gary's reggae single, "Forbidden Paradise," stands as a monumental testament to his lifelong passion for music, intertwined with groundbreaking AI technology.

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Fly High (Watch Me Stream) Preview

Latest Single - "Forbidden Paradise" Available on Spotify (March 15th, 2024)

Let's Duet on TikTok or Remix on Insta

"Coffee Shop Romance" - Electronic Pop with Afrobeats - Jack Righteous

can ai generate a hit song?


I don't know anyone who hasn't gotten a crush on someone they keep running into unexpectedly. Contains subtle notes of summer classics with a fresh vibrant vibe

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Blood on the Sand | Digital Song | Jack Righteous - Jack Righteous

Biblical Soul

Arguably the first true sin - Murder

Our first Biblical Reggae beat infused with soul and blues. "Cain's hands stained red as his dark deed shows" is poignantly sung revealing sadness and tragedy.

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It's Official

Praise God

"But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved."

Jack Righteous Music Presents

About Us

A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Gary Whittaker, a seasoned professional in telecommunications and broadcasting, founded to develop AI-generated content and create a series of Choose Your Destiny books about "Jack Righteous." In February 2024, he went all-in on AI music generation to bring his stories and characters to life through music before releasing the books, launching after his single "Coffee Shop Romance" on Spotify.

Influences: A Father, Bob Marley, and Jesus

Gary's father, Bob Marley, and Jesus have profoundly influenced him. His father's traits and challenges inspired his music, and Bob Marley's songs fueled his musical dreams. Jesus' spiritual guidance shapes his artistic journey.

Embracing AI in Music

AI-generated tracks like "BBL Drizzy" by King Willonius showcase AI's potential in music. AI tools enhance creativity, streamline production, and democratize music creation, augmenting rather than replacing human artistry.

Personal Impact and Emotional Connections

Gary's music fosters deep emotional connections. For Mother's Day, he created songs for his mother, strengthening their bond. He aims to help others build connections through custom songs.

Inviting Collaboration and Exploration

Explore AI-enhanced tracks on SoundCloud and consider collaborating. For custom music or album cover art, visit our Custom Services.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Join us at as we deliver innovative, soul-stirring music that resonates worldwide. Experience the vibrant saga of Jack Righteous.

Featured Digital Art Collection

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