The Old Man and Lucifer - Chapter 1 - Jack Righteous

The Old Man and Lucifer - Chapter 1

The old man sits on a bench in a park, talking to Lucifer.

"What was the most important lesson you learned in life?" Lucifer asks.

The old man thinks for a moment.

"The most important lesson I learned was that life is too short to waste time on things that aren't important. The people and things we loved the most can leave us in the blink of an eye, so we need to make sure that we're spending our time on the things that matter."

Lucifer nods thoughtfully.

"That's a very wise lesson. It's something I definitely took to heart."

The old man sighs, relieved.

"Thank you, Lucifer. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do."

Lucifer nods and the old man gets up, walking away.

The old man's grandchildren come running over to him, laughing and playing.

The old man thinks of all the things he'll never get to do with them.

He knows that he won't be alive much longer, but he's grateful for the time he has left.▊
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