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A Moment for Peace: Your Signature and the Path to 2028


In a journey toward global harmony, every step counts, and your signature is the first stride. Our campaign, "Ignite a Roadmap to World Peace through Recognition and Unity," is more than just an appeal; it's a commitment to create a peaceful world by 2028. By signing our petition, you play a pivotal role in this journey.

The Significance of 2028

Why 2028? This date isn't just a target; it's a milestone in our comprehensive 5-year plan to nurture peace across the globe. By 2028, we aim to see the fruits of various initiatives – from awareness campaigns and community empowerment to global dialogues about peace – all stemming from the collective will expressed in our petition today.

The Power of a Signature

Your signature does more than endorse a cause; it activates a chain reaction. It represents a voice, a stand, a choice for peace. Every name added brings us closer to our goal of a unified, global stand against violence in 2028, marking a decade of dedicated efforts towards understanding, collaboration, and change.

The Roadmap to 2028

Our journey to 2028 is mapped out with clear milestones:

  • In the immediate future, we focus on building a community of advocates for peace.
  • By the mid-point of our plan, we aim to collaborate with global entities and influencers to amplify our message.
  • As 2028 approaches, our goal is to have a significant, measurable impact on reducing violent crimes, transforming our collective vision into reality.

The Role of Individual Action

Every individual action, no matter how small, carries immense power. By signing the petition, you're not just leaving your name; you're joining a movement. You're taking a step towards a future where in 2028, we can look back and see how these small actions contributed to a larger narrative of peace and unity.

A Vision Rooted in Faith and Action

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, our vision for 2028 is one of transformation – a world where love, justice, and peace are not just ideals but realities. Our faith and actions today lay the groundwork for this future, making the year 2028 not just a dream, but an achievable goal.


Your signature is the beginning of this transformative journey. It takes only a moment, but its impact will resonate all the way to 2028 and beyond. Join us in this mission to shape a future where peace isn’t just a distant dream, but a tangible, lived reality.

Sign the petition now – be a part of this global movement toward a peaceful 2028.

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