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Think Like a Fan: Avoid These Music Release Mistakes

Mistakes to Avoid When Releasing Music: Think Like Your Number One Fan

Releasing music isn't just about creating tracks you love; it's about connecting with your audience. Here are some key mistakes to avoid by shifting your mindset from an artist to your own number one fan.

Mistake 1: Treating Your First Draft as the Final Product

Why It Matters: Rushing to release your first draft can result in missed opportunities for improvement and refinement.

How to Avoid: Consider your initial project on Suno AI as a first draft. Use platforms like SoundCloud as a second-tier stage to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments before a top-tier release on Spotify.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Listener Feedback

Why It Matters: Assuming that listeners will love your music just because you do can lead to missed opportunities for connection and improvement.

How to Avoid: Actively seek and listen to feedback from your audience. Use this feedback to refine and enhance your tracks, staying true to your artistic vision while also addressing what listeners enjoy.

Mistake 3: Releasing Without a Strategy

Why It Matters: Releasing random singles without a cohesive strategy can confuse your audience and dilute your brand.

How to Avoid: Use albums and playlists to group related tracks. This helps listeners find more music they like and builds a more cohesive brand identity. For example, my Hip Hop album F Hip Hop and my Dubstep/EDM compilation Suno AI V3.5 Instrumentals were released with this strategy, allowing fans to explore different genres and sounds more easily.

Mistake 4: Not Utilizing Second-Tier Platforms Effectively

Why It Matters: Platforms like SoundCloud can provide valuable insights and initial exposure, but only if used correctly.

How to Avoid: Release your music on second-tier platforms to test different versions and gather listener feedback. For example, SoundCloud for Artists can help get your first 100 listeners, providing a great starting point for improvement.

Mistake 5: Focusing Solely on Yourself

Why It Matters: Being too self-centered in your approach can lead to a disconnect with your audience.

How to Avoid: Think like your number one fan. Understand what your audience likes and why they connect with certain songs. Use this insight to create music that resonates with them while staying true to your artistic vision.

Example Strategy: Jack Righteous

Initially, I released songs individually without a clear strategy, assuming everyone would love them as much as I did. However, I learned the importance of listener feedback and strategic releases. Now, I release 1-2 songs per day from albums and playlists, like F Hip Hop and Suno AI V3.5 Instrumentals. This approach has helped me connect more deeply with my audience and refine my tracks based on their feedback.

For instance, my track I Will Protect Her is deeply personal, reflecting my journey of love and faith. By being open about my process and seeking feedback, I have been able to improve and re-release my music to better connect with my listeners.


By avoiding these common mistakes and thinking like your number one fan, you can create music that not only reflects your artistic vision but also resonates with your audience. Stay tuned for more "Mistakes to Avoid" articles to help you navigate the music industry effectively.

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