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Getting Started with Suno AI: Simple Prompts for New Music Creators

Getting Started with Suno AI: Simple Prompts for New Users


Are you new to Suno AI and looking to explore its capabilities without feeling overwhelmed? Whether you’re on a free plan or just testing the waters, this guide will help you get started with simple prompts to create unique music and lyrics effortlessly. Before diving in, make sure to follow me on my Suno AI page and check out my playlists for the styles that most interest you.

Why Start with Simple Prompts?

Starting with simple prompts allows you to understand how Suno AI works and how you can tweak the prompts to achieve your desired results. It’s a great way to get familiar with the tool without getting bogged down by complex instructions.

Basic Prompts to Try Out

1. Genre and Mood

  • Prompt: "Create an upbeat pop song with a happy and energetic vibe."
  • Why It Works: This prompt sets a clear genre and mood, allowing Suno AI to generate a track that’s lively and catchy, perfect for new users to see quick results.

2. Narrative Themes

  • Prompt: "A calming acoustic melody accompanying a tale of a lone hiker finding tranquility atop misty mountains at dawn."
  • Why It Works: Combining a narrative with a specific music style can result in a beautifully themed piece, showcasing how Suno AI can blend story elements with music.

3. Dance and Electronic Styles

  • Prompt: "Generate a deep bass-focused dubstep track with moody vibes and heavy sub-bass presence."
  • Why It Works: This prompt gives Suno AI clear stylistic direction, helping you create a strong and immersive electronic music piece.

4. Cultural Influences

  • Prompt: "A vibrant Latin house track with rolling percussive beats and catchy salsa hooks."
  • Why It Works: Introducing cultural elements can help you explore diverse sounds and rhythms, enriching your music creation experience.

5. Emotional and Cinematic

  • Prompt: "Create an emotional ballad with expansive synth landscapes and uplifting tune progressions."
  • Why It Works: This type of prompt helps you understand how Suno AI handles emotional and cinematic music, providing you with rich, evocative tracks.

Tips for Structuring Your Prompts

Be Specific but Not Overly Detailed

Including specific genres, moods, or themes in your prompt helps guide Suno AI, but avoid overloading it with too many details. This balance allows the AI to use its creativity within your given framework.

Use Metatags

Incorporate metatags like [chorus], [verse], or [bridge] to structure your songs effectively. These tags help Suno AI understand different parts of your song and generate cohesive compositions.

Experiment with Combining Genres

Try combining different genres or styles in your prompts to create unique and interesting music. For example, "A blend of jazz and hip-hop with a relaxed, urban vibe."

Iterate and Refine

Start with a simple prompt and refine it based on the initial output. Adjusting your prompt incrementally can lead to more polished and satisfying results.

Generating Lyric Ideas

Suno AI isn't just for creating music; it’s also a fantastic tool for generating lyrics. Here’s how you can get started:

Basic Lyric Prompts

  • Prompt: "Write lyrics for a love song set in a summer beach setting."
  • Prompt: "Create a motivational rap verse about overcoming challenges."

Using these prompts, Suno AI can help you craft unique and engaging lyrics that complement your music. It’s a great way to find inspiration and develop your songwriting skills.


Getting started with Suno AI is easy when you begin with simple, clear prompts. Experiment with different genres, moods, and themes to see what works best for you. Remember, the key is to start simple, iterate, and refine your prompts for the best results. Happy creating!

For more detailed guidance and tips, you can explore resources like How to Prompt Suno AI and Suno Wiki. And don't forget to follow me on my Suno AI page to check out my playlists and see how these prompts come to life in my music.

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