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Advanced Suno AI Prompt Engineering for Experienced Users

Unlock the full potential of your music creation with advanced Suno AI prompts!

Are you ready to take your Suno AI music creation to the next level? Advanced prompt engineering allows you to harness the full potential of Suno AI, creating intricate, customized music and lyrics. Whether you’re on the pro plan or looking to explore deeper functionalities, this guide will help you master advanced techniques. Don't forget to follow me on my Suno AI page to see these techniques in action and check out my playlists for inspiration.

Advanced Prompt Techniques

1. Custom Mode

Custom Mode offers greater control by splitting text prompts into two panels: a Lyric Generator and a Style of Music prompt. This mode allows you to tailor your lyrics and music style more precisely:

  • Example Prompt: "EDM future bass, syncopated rhythms" for style and "A song about overcoming personal challenges with an uplifting chorus" for lyrics.

2. Detailed Descriptors

Use detailed descriptors to define the mood, sub-genre, instruments, and vocal tags:

  • Example: "Jazzy Blues, sparse vocals, acoustic guitar, stomp."

3. Advanced Formatting

Employ advanced formatting techniques to influence vocal delivery and add effects:

  • Asterisks for sound effects (e.g., echo for an echo effect).
  • Brackets to focus on specific song parts (e.g., [whispering]).

4. Song Structuring

Ensure a dynamic structure by specifying song elements like intro, verse, bridge, and chorus:

  • Example Prompt: "Create a song with a powerful intro, engaging verses, a catchy chorus, and a dramatic bridge."

Getting Vocals from Male and Female Voices

To include vocals from both male and female voices in your track, specify the vocal types in your prompt:

  • Example: "A pop duet featuring a male tenor and a female soprano, with alternating verses and a harmonized chorus."

Adding Different Vocal Types

Specify the desired vocal qualities to add depth and variety to your track:

  • Example: "Include a deep bass male voice for the verses and a high-pitched female soprano for the chorus."

Adding Chorus and Call-Outs

For incorporating a chorus and call-outs, structure your prompt to detail these elements:

  • Example: "An upbeat pop song with a catchy chorus and energetic call-outs in the background."
  • Chorus Example: "A song with a strong chorus, featuring layered harmonies and repetitive, catchy phrases."
  • Call-Out Example: "Add dynamic call-outs like 'Yeah!' and 'Come on!' to energize the track."

Optimizing Prompts with Letter Case

Utilize different letter cases to impact the style and coherence of your songs. Uppercase for emphasis and lowercase for subtlety can significantly alter the song's feel:

  • Example: "CREATE A POWERFUL ANTHEM" vs. "create a mellow background track."

Experimentation and Customization

Encourage creative experimentation with Suno AI's diverse music styles. Mix genres and moods to discover unique combinations:

  • Example: "A fusion of classical strings with electronic beats and hip-hop rhythms."

Utilizing AI Integration

Leverage features like Suno-Copilot integration for collaborative and accessible music creation:

  • Benefits: Enhances the creative process by providing AI assistance, making music creation more inclusive and innovative.

Engage with Us!

Advanced prompt engineering with Suno AI unlocks a world of creative possibilities. Experiment with custom modes, detailed descriptors, and advanced formatting to refine your music production. Explore different genres and structures to create unique and compelling tracks.

Share your experiences in the comments below! Let us know what techniques have worked for you and which haven't. Feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics you’d like to see in future articles about using prompts with Suno AI. For more inspiration, follow me on my Suno AI page and check out my playlists to see these techniques in action. Happy creating!

For more detailed guidance, you can explore resources like Suno AI Wiki (Suno AI Wiki / Suno Wiki)​​ (Suno AI Wiki / Suno Wiki)​​ (Suno AI Wiki / Suno Wiki)​ and How to Prompt Suno (Suno Music AI)​​ (Eightify)​.

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