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Jack Righteous

🎶 New Release: Done Did It by Jack Righteous 🎶

🎶 New Release: Done Did It by Jack Righteous 🎶

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A Diss Track with a Purpose

Product Overview: Jack Righteous's latest release, "Done Did It," is a dynamic diss track that blends powerful lyrics with an energetic beat. Read more about the inspiration behind the song here. Stream it now on Spotify and experience the compelling storytelling and rhythm.

Track Details:

  • Length: 2:10 minutes
  • Key: B major
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Loudness: -9.27 dB
  • Tempo: 155 BPM
  • Acousticness: 0%
  • Danceability: 85%
  • Instrumentalness: 5%
  • Energy: 76%
  • Speechiness: 13%
  • Liveness: 47%
  • Valence: 70%

Why You Should Listen:

  • Purposeful Message: Dive into a diss track that carries a strong message and purpose.
  • Danceability: With a high danceability score, this track is perfect for dancing or just enjoying the beat.
  • Energetic Vibe: The track's energetic vibe will keep you engaged from start to finish.
  • Studio Quality: Enjoy a professionally recorded and mastered track for the best listening experience.

Listen Now: [Spotify Preview Embedded Here]

Discover More: Explore the story behind "Done Did It" and its purpose here.

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