Righteous Love: Spiritual EDM House Single by Jack Righteous on Spotify - Jack Righteous

Righteous Love: Spiritual EDM House Single by Jack Righteous on Spotify

Righteous Love: Songs from Eden - A Spiritual EDM House Single by Jack Righteous

I am excited to announce the release of my latest single, "Righteous Love: Songs from Eden," now available on Spotify. Listen here.

The Inspiration Behind the Song

"Righteous Love: Songs from Eden" is a unique blend of EDM house music with a profound spiritual message. The main lyrics, "I am who I am," echo the powerful names of God, drawing inspiration from the divine and connecting deeply with Christian audiences. This track aims to uplift and inspire listeners through a fusion of modern beats and timeless spiritual themes.

Versions to Enjoy

This release features two distinct versions:

  1. Main Version: The core track with its powerful message and energizing beats.
  2. Alternate Ending Version: A special version for those who appreciate intricate violin hooks, adding a beautiful layer to the spiritual experience.

The Power of Music and Faith

"Righteous Love: Songs from Eden" is more than just a song; it's a journey of faith and love expressed through the universal language of music. This track combines the high-energy vibes of EDM house with reflective and uplifting lyrics, perfect for both personal reflection and communal worship.

Listen and Share

I invite you to experience "Righteous Love: Songs from Eden" and share it with your friends and family. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant beats or the spiritual message, this track offers something for everyone.

Explore both versions of the song on Spotify and let the music speak to your soul.

Loved the track? Download "Righteous Love: Songs from Eden" for free and enjoy the divine fusion of EDM and spiritual depth. Click here to get your free copy today!

Thank you for your support and enjoy the music!

Jack Righteous

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