Overcoming Fear: Righteous Love Dubstep by Jack Righteous - $1 - Jack Righteous

Overcoming Fear: Righteous Love Dubstep by Jack Righteous - $1

"Righteous Love, Dubstep Version" by Jack Righteous

We are excited to announce the release of my latest track, "Righteous Love, Dubstep Version." This song marks a significant milestone in my musical journey as it is the first track where I enlisted the expertise of a professional sound engineer, someone experienced in working with SUNO AI MP3s. You can check out the track and support independent music by purchasing it for just $1 on JackRighteous.com.

A Journey Through Fear and Faith

"Righteous Love, Dubstep Version" was created using Suno Version 3, and it builds on the foundation of the original version I released exclusively on SoundCloud. You can listen to the original track on SoundCloud here: Righteous Epic.

This song is deeply personal, as it explores one of my earliest known fears, dating back to my childhood in the 1970s. I remember seeing shapes and images in my room at night that took on the forms of KKK hoods or other frightening ideas I had been exposed to. These experiences were particularly troubling as I was raised in a Pentecostal Church, where I loved hearing stories about a young King David and his bravery. This is what I used as my inspiration when first creating this track on Suno AI, I simply called it Righteous at the time. 

Finding Courage and Divine Protection

As a child, I struggled to find the courage to confront these nighttime fears. It wasn't until I heard a comforting voice telling me that God loves me and wants to protect me that I found peace. His love is righteous, and there was no reason for anything in my room to harm me. Embracing this belief brought me immense happiness and comfort.

To give away my age, this was back in the 70s, a time when believing in spiritual magic was more accepted than it is today. Additionally, I was a child with ADD, but back then, it wasn't widely understood, especially not in my family, which still had an "Old Testament" mentality when dealing with such issues. When building the song, I wanted to show the courage I had to build deep in my heart to face not just my fears, but all the wave of thoughts and emotions I felt before I understood what anxiety was all about. I had made multiple endings for the song, including a "mellow" version.

Support and Connect

I invite you to listen to "Righteous Love, Dubstep Version" and experience the fusion of intense dubstep beats and a mesmerizing violin hook. This track is now available on Spotify and for just $1 on JackRighteous.com.

Your support means the world to me. Please visit my Suno AI profile page, like my tracks, and follow me there to help improve my chances of winning the $10k prize. Additionally, I'd love your support in reaching 1 million streams for one of my favorite concept songs, "Sorry I'm A Language Model," now dubbed "Binary Twilight." You can read more about it here.

Share Your Thoughts

I encourage you to share your thoughts on "Righteous Love, Dubstep Version" and my journey in the comments below. Your feedback and support are invaluable as I continue to create music that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me. Your support helps make all of this possible.

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