Hear Pre-Release of 'Unison - Every Artist Every Song' by Jack Righteous - Jack Righteous

Hear Pre-Release of 'Unison - Every Artist Every Song' by Jack Righteous

Discover "Unison - Every Artist Every Song": A Pre-Release Experience

I'm excited to announce the pre-release of my new album, "Unison - Every Artist Every Song," a tribute to Canadian music artists and a celebration of our cultural diversity. This album, initially planned as a single for Canada Day 2024, has grown into a collection of 12 tracks, each song highlighting the rich tapestry of Canadian music.

Listen Now on SoundCloud

You can listen to the entire album in order, along with some of my favorite bonus tracks that didn't make the final release, on my SoundCloud playlist. Check it out here and immerse yourself in the musical journey I've crafted.

Jack Righteous · The Unison Fund Project - Together We Rise


Support Me in the SUNO AI SOS Competition

As part of this exciting journey, I'm also participating in the SUNO AI SOS competition. Your support can make a huge difference! Please visit my Suno Profile page, listen to the tracks, and like your favorites. Every like brings me one step closer to winning this competition, allowing me to continue creating music for a cause.

Exploring the Album: Versatility with SUNO AI

This album showcases the versatility of SUNO AI in transforming my custom lyrics into various musical styles. Each track maintains the core message of unity and support for Canadian artists, appealing to listeners with diverse musical tastes. The lyrics, crafted to emphasize working together in unison, have little variation from version to version. This consistency is intentional, aiming to resonate deeply with Canadians and evoke the pride we share in our national anthem.

As a new artist, I love creating uplifting, upbeat music with fun basslines and melodic beats. I also enjoy testing my range, and this album includes my second venture into rock, a genre I loved growing up. For anyone who remembers Montreal in the 80s and 90s, Bon Jovi was huge and they were one of my musical influences.

Why This Album Matters

"Unison - Every Artist Every Song" isn't just about music; it's about unity, diversity, and support for the Canadian music community. Each track is a homage to the incredible artists who've shaped our musical landscape. The Unison Fund, which this album supports, plays a crucial role in assisting Canadian musicians, making this project even more meaningful.

Join Me on This Journey

Your support means the world to me. Follow, like, share, and let's make a difference together. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to check out the exclusive early access to my music on my Suno AI page.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Together, we can rise, "For Every Artist, Every Song."

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