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Create Chart-Topping Music with Suno AI: Simple Steps Revealed!

Beginner Guide to Creating Music on Suno AI

Creating music with Suno AI can be a straightforward and enjoyable process. Follow these steps to get started and create tracks that reflect your style and brand.

Step 1: Discover Trending Tracks

First, explore the Suno AI platform to find inspiration. Check out the songs in the Suno Showcase or those trending on the platform. Focus on tracks with over 100k plays and a like rate of over 1%. For instance, 100k plays should have at least 1k likes—the higher the percentage, the better the track quality. This will give you a sense of what resonates with listeners.

Step 2: Choose and Reuse a Track

Once you find a track you like, such as Beef Diplomat - Unwinding Time by KakerMix, you can reuse its prompt. Here’s the basic prompt used for this track:

  • 70s chill, emotional, soulful, adult contemporary, vaporwave, synth breakdown, sophisticated, sharp, crisp.

KakerMix started with the following custom prompts:

  • [Fairlight CMI synthesizer synth solo virtuoso].

Find the "REUSE PROMPT" option and click on it to use these settings as a starting point.

Step 3: Customize Your Track

Modify the prompts to fit the type of music you want to create. Experiment with different arrangement options such as adding breakdowns, drops, bridge modifications, and chorus adjustments. Consider changing the tempo if needed.

Remember to give your track a relevant name to avoid a clutter of "Untitled" songs. This helps you stay organized and makes it easier to find your tracks later.

Step 4: Finalize and Publish

After making the necessary adjustments, finalize your track. Use extensions and other custom instructions to refine your final product. Adjust the name if needed and generate a new song photo if you’re not satisfied with the default version.

Optional Step: Create a Playlist

You can create or add songs to a relevant playlist in Suno. For these tracks, I created a playlist with the same name as the song: Playlist.

Explore My Music

I created seven tracks using these steps, starting with this one. Here are the subsequent tracks, showcasing different vibes and styles:

  1. Hip Hop Vibe
  2. Hip Hop Vibe 2
  3. Hip Hop Vibe 3
  4. Catchy Jazz Vibe
  5. Multi-Layered Jazz Vibe 1
  6. Multi-Layered Jazz Vibe 2

Check out my artist music profile on Suno to see how I’ve used these techniques in my own creations: JackRighteousMusic on Suno.

Following these steps will help you create unique and high-quality tracks using Suno AI. Stay creative and have fun with the process!

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