Learn How 'Fading Flames' Was Created with Suno AI: A Music Journey - Jack Righteous

Learn How 'Fading Flames' Was Created with Suno AI: A Music Journey

The Creation Process of "Fading Flames"

Creating music is a journey, and for my instrumental series, this journey began on Suno AI. This article aims to share the steps and insights involved in the creation of the song "Fading Flames."

Step 1: Setting Up the Playlist

First, I set up a playlist for all the songs planned for release on SoundCloud. This is a crucial step for artists to be honest with themselves. While the AI can complete a song in minutes to hours, as a musician, you might spend days or months perfecting a track. Initially, I loved all 24 songs in the instrumental playlist album. However, combining them into one album made me realize I only listened to a few repeatedly.

Honest Feedback from SoundCloud

Placing the tracks on SoundCloud allows you to gauge their impact on your fan base. In my case, only two songs gained significant traction: Cyber Heartbeat V2 and Fading Flames B Track.

Analyzing and Improving

The next step is to focus on the track with the highest likes and reports. For me, "Cyber Heartbeat" had a decent like-to-play ratio and a couple of reposts. Though not viral, it showed potential for playlist additions from fans. "Fading Flames" had a lower positive ratio but seemed to have more room for improvement using Suno AI.

Reworking "Fading Flames"

I decided to refine "Fading Flames," resulting in three variations of the song. You can listen to these variations on the Fading Flames Playlist. This process of iteration and improvement is essential, especially now that I know there's an audience for it.

Jack Righteous · Fading Flames


Final Thoughts

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Don't forget to like and follow if you want to hear more from me. Your feedback helps shape the future of my music and the direction I take with Suno AI.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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