The Last Supper Panini Platter - Jack Righteous

The Last Supper Panini Platter


  • Bread (whole grain or your choice), a variety of fillings (like vegetables, meats, cheeses), and condiments (mustard, mayo, pesto).


  1. Cooking Paninis: Choose different fillings to represent each disciple. You might use grilled vegetables for one, ham and cheese for another, and so on. This variety symbolizes the unique personalities of the disciples. Prepare your panini sandwiches and cook them until they are golden and crispy.
  2. Arranging the Supper: Once cooked, arrange the paninis in a circle on a large platter, like the arrangement in the Last Supper painting. The central panini, representing Jesus, could be slightly larger or have a special ingredient to stand out.
  3. Flavour Optimization: To enhance the flavours, consider using different types of bread and adding herbs to your fillings. For example, basil in a tomato and mozzarella panini adds a fresh touch.
  4. Sharing and Cleaning: While sharing the paninis, discuss the significance of the Last Supper and fellowship. And as always, let's clean as we go, making the experience enjoyable and tidy.


  • Use a panini press or a skillet to achieve the perfect grill marks.
  • Add a side of salad or fruit to complement the savoury paninis.

Enjoy crafting these meaningful and delicious dishes, and take the time to savour both the flavours and the stories they represent. Happy cooking!

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