From Concept to Canada Day: How AI Helped Me Create a Patriotic Album in Days - Jack Righteous

From Concept to Canada Day: How AI Helped Me Create a Patriotic Album in Days

How AI Revolutionized Music Production: A Case Study of "Unison - Every Artist Every Song"

In the fast-paced world of music creation, timing is everything. On May 31st, I discovered the Suno AI SOS competition, offering a $1 million prize for the top music creators of 2024. With only a few days to craft an entry, I embarked on a whirlwind journey to produce an album that not only showcases the power of AI in music creation but also supports a cause close to my heart—the Unison Fund.

The Challenge

When I first heard about the competition, I had already completed a song for the Unison Fund. However, since it was created before June 1st, I needed a new version to qualify. This challenge sparked a creative surge, pushing me to explore various genres and emotions, resulting in an album that reflects my versatility as an artist and the capabilities of AI.

The Creative Process

From June 1st to June 3rd, I immersed myself in the creative process, utilizing Suno AI to generate hundreds of song variations. Out of this extensive collection, I selected 12 tracks that best represented the theme "Unison - Every Artist Every Song." Each track was crafted to resonate with the spirit of unity and support for Canadian artists, blending genres such as Afrobeats, EDM, Christian Rock, and more.

Setting Up the Playlist

Creating a cohesive album requires careful consideration of the listener's experience. I used the "Create A New Playlist" option on SoundCloud to organize the tracks, ensuring a smooth flow that captures the audience's attention from start to finish. The playlist starts with the anthemic version of the initial song, setting the tone for a journey through diverse musical landscapes.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing an AI-created album involves unique challenges and opportunities. My strategy focused on leveraging the patriotic and supportive lyrics of the debut album to engage a national audience. I selected June 28th as the release date to ensure my first album not only stamps my Canadian identity in the music business but would also be available for Canadians on Canada Day. I want to forever associate this album and these songs with Canada Day, celebrating unity and national pride.

To build anticipation, I planned three weeks of content, including song teasers released prior to the launch and a lyrics video ready and scheduled for the launch date. While some may argue that a broader, more mainstream approach could attract a wider audience, I believe in the power of a strong, cohesive message. My goal was to address critics of AI music by demonstrating its potential for creativity and emotional expression.

Addressing the Critics

A common point made by critics of AI music is the question of live performance: "If you can't sing, how can you perform?" To these critics, I say: these people are just too angry to see the wizard behind the curtain. They do not know the music business or its history, with scores of songwriters (both those who can sing and those who cannot) writing music for other people. Some perform as DJs, others have creative ideas, and more new ways will emerge over time. In the words of Denzel Washington, quoting someone else, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, complain about those who can."

The Result

By June 3rd, I had a 19-track playlist live on SoundCloud and a 12-track album scheduled for release on Spotify on June 28th. This rapid turnaround not only highlights the efficiency of AI-assisted music creation but also underscores the dedication and passion required to produce meaningful art under tight deadlines.

Seeking Your Advice

As I continue to refine my approach, I want to elicit advice from fellow music creators and listeners. What are your best practices for organizing and releasing an album? How do you balance the urgency of releasing new music with the need for careful planning and promotion? Your insights could shape the future of AI-driven music production.

What Comes Next?

In the next article of this series, I'll explore the crucial decisions that follow setting up your album for release. How long should you wait to release your album? Should you release it immediately to start working on your next project? Stay tuned as we dive into these questions and more, providing you with strategies to maximize the impact of your music releases.

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