Unison - Every Artist Every Song: AI Music Play Therapy for All - Jack Righteous

Unison - Every Artist Every Song: AI Music Play Therapy for All

Unison - Every Artist Every Song: AI Music and Play Therapy for All by Jack Righteous

I am excited to announce the release of my first album, "Unison - Every Artist Every Song." This project marks an important milestone in my music journey, driven by my passion for creating music and supported by cutting-edge AI technology. With this album, I aim to raise awareness for the Unison Fund, a charity dedicated to supporting Canadian musicians in times of need. Here's a deeper look into my creative process and the story behind each track.

My Journey:

Music has always been a dream of mine, but I lacked the skills and resources to produce the music I envisioned. Everything changed in February 2024 when I discovered Suno AI. In just a few months, I was ready to release "Unison - Every Artist Every Song," a showcase of what I could achieve with AI assistance by the end of May.

This album is not meant to be listened to from beginning to end. Each track represents a different genre and style, reflecting my exploration of music and the versatility of AI technology.

The Creative Process:

When Suno AI received over $120 million in funding, the music industry took notice of the rising impact of AI-generated music. As an AI music creator, I wanted to address this issue and support a charity that helps Canadian musicians during emergencies. With only 200 monthly listeners at the time of launching the album, I wanted to show that human musicians need support and that AI is just a tool in the creative process.

Creating and releasing music involves a multitude of talents and skills. From sound engineers and graphic designers to dancers and music producers, a wide array of professionals contribute to bringing music to the public. I want to emphasize that AI music creation still relies heavily on human collaboration. By working with various professionals, I aim to support the industry and highlight the importance of each role in the music production process.

Play Therapy and Personal Playlists:

One of the most exciting aspects of AI music is its potential for play therapy and personal motivation. Anyone can take an idea or a set of basic lyrics and use AI to create personal playlists that inspire and motivate them. This concept of using music for play therapy is about using music to literally play, to explore creativity, and to find joy and motivation in everyday life.

Track-by-Track Overview:

  1. Official Version: Aiming for a mainstream Top 20 sound with a Canadian voice, perfect for post-editing.
  2. Acoustic Version: Short and sweet, my favorite version, although my wife prefers the original.
  3. Afrobeats Version: Inspired by my work on biblical song tracks using Afrobeat.
  4. Acoustic Rock Version: A nod to Canadians' love for acoustic rock jams.
  5. Country Rock Version: An enjoyable version I decided to keep after it was generated.
  6. Funky Rock Version: Created using an experimental music prompt, which resulted in a unique sound.
  7. Sunset Rhythm Version: Based on an instrumental track I liked, combined with the "Together We Rise" lyrics.
  8. Joyful Journey Version: Another instrumental fused with the lyrics.
  9. Joyful Journey Extended Version: An extended version of the Joyful Journey track, bridging to my EDM tracks.
  10. EDM Version: A hard, pulsating EDM track.
  11. EDM v2 Version: Another EDM version, with slight variations and a pulsating beat.
  12. KID Version: An experimental output with different vocals, which I decided to keep.


Through "Unison - Every Artist Every Song," I hope to raise awareness of the Unison Fund and its vital work supporting Canadian musicians. I encourage you to download the album for free, enjoy the diverse tracks, and join me in supporting this important cause.

Interested in creating your own personalized music? Check out my Custom AI-Generated Music Starter Package to see how you can bring your musical ideas to life with AI.

For the latest updates on all my music creations, visit Suno. You can also check out my SoundCloud for the tracks I like best before they get added to Spotify. Thank you for your support!. 

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