Exploring Reincarnation in Christianity: My Journey with "Living Now" - Jack Righteous

Exploring Reincarnation in Christianity: My Journey with "Living Now"

Exploring Reincarnation in Christian Faith – My Journey with "Living Now"

In my spiritual journey, I've grappled with the concept of reincarnation despite my Christian faith. Historically, early Christian thinkers like Origen and Gregory of Nyssa entertained ideas that resonate with reincarnation, such as the pre-existence of souls. Certain non-canonical texts, like the Gospel of Thomas and the Secret Book of James, contain passages that hint at cyclical rebirth​​​ (History Stack Exchange)​. However, mainstream Christianity generally does not accept reincarnation, emphasizing a linear view of life and afterlife as reflected in Hebrews 9:27, which states, "Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment"​ (Christianity)​​ (The Witness)​.

Jesus' post-resurrection appearances to His disciples further complicate this discussion. In Mark 16:12-13, He appeared in a different form to two disciples. Similarly, in Luke 24:13-16, He was initially unrecognized by two disciples on the road to Emmaus. In John 20:14-15, Mary Magdalene mistook Him for a gardener. These instances highlight the transformative nature of Jesus' resurrected body and can be seen as metaphorical support for reincarnation or transformation.

Personal Reflection

I do not know if reincarnation exists, nor am I saying that this is a path we all take. However, I struggle to reconcile the idea of eternal judgment—be it torment or paradise—based on a brief human life. It seems unfathomable that children who die young live in paradise without experiencing their full potential. Likewise, the notion that all sins are equal when facing eternal torment feels unjust. Having been indoctrinated into a radical Pentecostal Christian church, I believed in this type of judgment for decades. Today, I find it challenging to stand behind these arguments.

Promoting "Living Now" – Embracing the Journey

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