Why I Embraced AI Music:From Traditional Music to Suno AI - Jack Righteous

Why I Embraced AI Music:From Traditional Music to Suno AI

Why I Got Into AI Music

Have you ever had melodies in your head that you just couldn't bring to life?

I did, until AI music generation changed everything. Here's how I went from struggling with traditional instruments to creating and monetizing my own AI-generated tracks.

I've always had a deep connection with music. Growing up, I played the piano, saxophone, and even dabbled with the guitar. In my later years, I picked up the harmonica and bongos. Despite this musical background, I constantly found myself limited by my own abilities. I had melodies and tunes swirling in my head, but my talent never quite matched my imagination. A career in music seemed out of reach for me until I discovered the potential of AI music generation.

For years, I experimented with various AI music generation software. I created hundreds of songs, but only a handful ever felt good enough to release. Unfortunately, many of these tracks were flagged for copyright issues when I tried to upload them to platforms like Spotify or YouTube. It wasn't until February 2024, when I found Suno AI's Version 3 music generation software, that things changed. This tool allowed me to consistently create and upload music without facing copyright flags.

Why I Create My Songs

The reason I create music is simple and resonates with many people I've spoken to: it's challenging to find good, relatable music these days. While there's plenty of good music out there, much of it is overshadowed by themes I find unappealing. Many songs are filled with explicit content, boasting about money, sex, and extravagant lifestyles. This isn't the energy I want when I'm doing chores or trying to relax. Creating my own music allows me to have the beats, tempo, and lyrics that fit any situation I need. It's been a gift to tailor songs to my own preferences and moods.

Unexpected Revenue

I never anticipated making any money from my music, especially not so soon. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see my tracks start generating revenue. While the earnings are modest, it's exciting to see any return at all, especially in such a new niche market. This success, however, comes with its own set of challenges. The industry rules and regulations governing AI music are still evolving, creating a murky landscape. There are inherent risks in this new market, above and beyond the standard risks faced by any music artist.

In summary, my journey into AI music has been driven by a lifelong love of music and the desire to create something that truly resonates with my own tastes. The unexpected success and revenue have been a welcome surprise, but I remain mindful of the challenges and uncertainties in this emerging field.

Creating music with AI has opened up a world of possibilities I never thought possible. From finding relatable tunes to unexpectedly generating revenue, this journey has been nothing short of amazing. If you're curious about my work and want to hear the tracks I've created, check out my profile on Suno AI. Visit suno.com/@jackrighteousmusic and explore the music that brings my imagination to life. Your support and feedback would mean the world to me!

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