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Jack Righteous: "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song" - Support Unison Fund

Article: Promoting the Release of My First Official Album "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song"

As Jack Righteous, I am thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my first official album, "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song", a heartfelt tribute to Canadian music artists and an effort to raise awareness for The Unison Fund. This charity supports Canadian musicians, making a significant impact in the music community. You can learn more about their incredible work here. The album will be released by Distrokid and available on all streaming platforms including SPOTIFY as of Friday, June 28th, 2024. 

A Tribute to Canadian Music Artists

This album is my homage to the rich tapestry of Canadian music. Initially, I planned to release an official song as a single in time for Canada Day 2024. However, with Suno AI announcing an exciting competition for music created in June on their platform, I saw an opportunity to do something special.

From a Single to a Full Album

Using my prompting skills, I developed 11 additional tracks in various styles, resulting in a diverse album that truly embodies the line "For Every Artist, Every Song." Each track is a reflection of Canada's cultural melting pot, showcasing genres from Acoustic to Rock, EDM, Afrobeats and even a special track for kids.

Personal and Diverse

Each song on "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song" is personal to me, reflecting my tastes and style. This project not only highlights the diversity of Canadian music but also gives a glimpse of what is to come for Jack Righteous Music.

Support The Unison Fund

I invite you to join me in supporting The Unison Fund. By raising awareness and funds for this vital charity, we can help ensure that Canadian musicians receive the support they need. Every listen, share, and donation makes a difference.

Listen to "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song"

You can listen to the album here. Your support is crucial in making this project a success and in helping raise awareness for The Unison Fund.

Early Access on SUNO AI

For early access to my music before the official release, click on my SUNO AI page and follow me there. This is where you'll be able to catch all the tracks and exclusive content as part of the SUNO competition. Help make my song go viral and support the cause!

The release of "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song" is more than just a milestone in my career; it's a celebration of Canadian music and a call to support our artists. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to follow me on my social media platforms. Let's make a difference together.

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Help spread the word about "Unison: Every Artist, Every Song" and support The Unison Fund. Share this article, listen to the tracks, and follow me for more music and updates. Together, we can celebrate and support the incredible talent of Canadian musicians.

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