Jack Righteous: Blending AI in 'Forbidden Paradise - Jack Righteous

Jack Righteous: Blending AI in 'Forbidden Paradise

 The Making of "Forbidden Paradise" by Jack Righteous

"Forbidden Paradise" is a testament to Jack Righteous' innovative songwriting, blending lyrical skill with AI technology. This piece explores the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden, showcasing the complex interplay between Gary Whittaker's creative vision and AI's capabilities.

  • Lyrical Genesis with GPTs: Gary Whittaker began "Forbidden Paradise" by crafting the chorus, verses, and bridge using different GPT models, ensuring each song segment had depth and narrative precision.
  • Musical Creation with Suno AI: Jack Righteous utilized Suno AI to create a musical landscape that complemented his lyrics. Each generated track was carefully selected to align with the lyrical intent.
  • Strategic Selection from AI Outputs: Focusing on quality, Jack Righteous (Gary Whittaker) strategically chose tracks that resonated with him and his artistic vision.
  • Refinement of the Demo: Gary Whittaker fine-tuned the demo using Suno AI V3's "Continue This Song" feature, ensuring a seamless blend of AI-generated music with human creativity.
  • Engaging Audience Feedback on SoundCloud: Before its official release, "Forbidden Paradise" was tested on SoundCloud, where audience feedback informed further refinements.

SUNO AI Prompt Engineering Commands

Suno AI is an advanced AI music generator that transforms text prompts into customized songs using two primary AI models, Bark and Chirp.

  • Accessing Suno AI: Suno AI can be accessed through various platforms, each influencing user interaction with the tool.
  • Customization Features: Suno AI provides customization options for style, mood, instruments, and effects, crucial for aligning AI-generated music with artistic vision.
  • Challenges in 'Forbidden Paradise': A key challenge in creating "Forbidden Paradise" was incorporating a harmonica solo, requiring tailored use of Suno AI's command library to match the "Biblical Reggae" theme.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Users are advised to be mindful of copyright when inputting lyrics or using music for commercial purposes, with Suno AI emphasizing privacy and user confidentiality.
  • Continuation Feature: The ability to extend favorite clips using Suno AI's continuation feature was pivotal in developing extended musical pieces like the harmonica solo.

Embracing AI in Music Creation

The creation of "Forbidden Paradise" highlights the intricate process of AI music generation, showing that while AI provides powerful tools, the artistry lies in the hands of the creator. This approach is a testament to the evolving landscape of music production, where technology and human creativity merge to expand musical possibilities. The use of Suno AI dispels the myth that AI music generation is effortless, emphasizing the significant work in customizing and integrating AI-generated music into an artist's brand, especially in unique genres like "Biblical Reggae."


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