Crafting My Second Album: From Singles to a Cohesive Collection - Jack Righteous

Crafting My Second Album: From Singles to a Cohesive Collection

Ever wondered how an album comes together from tracks created using SUNO AI? I'm diving deep into the creative chaos, transforming my singles into a unified collection. Follow my journey as I experiment, refine, and perfect each track, and discover how you can support and influence the final cut.

Revisiting "Coffee Shop Romance": The Heart of My Next Album

"Coffee Shop Romance" holds a special place as it was my first ever release on Spotify. This song set the tone for my musical journey and now serves as the foundation for my second album. You can listen to the original version below:

Follow my progress on my Suno AI playlist to hear how this track evolves.

Creating Multiple Versions with Suno 3.5: Innovation in Action

For this new album, I am leveraging the advanced capabilities of Suno 3.5, an upgrade from the Suno 3.0 I previously used. The process begins with creating multiple versions of each song until I settle on my primary track and a B track. Here's a brief overview of how this process unfolds:

  1. Exploration Phase: I experiment with different styles, tempos, and arrangements using Suno 3.5 to see which direction resonates the most.
  2. Selection Phase: After extensive listening and refining, I narrow down the options to my top two favorite versions of each song.
  3. Finalization Phase: The selected versions undergo further tweaks and production enhancements to ensure they are album-ready.

Get an Insider Look: Exclusive Updates on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter/X

Want a behind-the-scenes pass to my creative process? Follow me on Instagram for live updates, Pinterest for mood boards and inspiration, and Twitter/X for real-time thoughts and sneak peeks. See the raw, unfiltered journey of making an album come to life!

Supporting Me in the Suno SOS Competition: How You Can Help

The main reason I am using Suno 3.5 is because of the Suno SOS competition that requires it, plus it's such an outstanding upgrade already. Your support is crucial in helping me succeed in this competition. By engaging with my Suno AI playlist and sharing your favorite tracks, you can help me gain visibility and support within the community. Visit the Suno SOS competition page for more information on how to get involved. I invite you to leave your comments below, including feedback on the new versions on my Suno AI page. I will continue to reach out to fans using my social media accounts as mentioned.

Phase 2: Testing Fan Reaction on SoundCloud

Once the top versions of each track are finalized, I will be releasing them on SoundCloud to test fan reactions. This will help me gather valuable feedback and make any necessary adjustments before the final release.

Creating this second album is a more extended and involved process compared to my first, and I'm excited to share this journey with you. Your engagement and feedback are invaluable, and I look forward to delivering a collection of songs that truly resonate. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out my progress on the Suno AI playlist.

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