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New Track "DAMN YO DNA" Tackles Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud

New Release: "DAMN YO DNA" – Addressing Kendrick Lamar's Controversial Comments

I'm thrilled to share my latest track, "DAMN YO DNA." This song dives into the heated rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. While it starts with a shoutout, "Canada Stand Up!" and offers some defense for Drake, the main focus is my offense at Kendrick Lamar's comments about Drake not being "black enough."

The Controversy

Kendrick Lamar's criticism of Drake's racial identity struck a nerve with me. One of my lines in "DAMN YO DNA" points out that Kendrick seems to have forgotten that influential figures like Bob Marley and Malcolm X were considered "Light Skinned Brothas." It's crucial to remember that when racists target individuals, they do so indiscriminately, attacking anyone who doesn't fit their narrow definition of "White" or their chosen ethnic ideal.

The Message

This track is my way of standing up against divisive rhetoric within our community. It's a reminder that unity and solidarity are essential, especially when facing external prejudice. As a Christian artist, I channel my emotions through music to spark dialogue and reflection while maintaining respect and civility.


I've curated a Spotify playlist featuring some of the greatest diss tracks in rap history. I invite you to check it out and suggest your favorite tracks to add, along with the story behind why they resonate with you. Let's celebrate the art of the diss track and its impact on the genre.

Share Your Thoughts

I want to hear your opinions on this track and the issues it addresses. Do you think Kendrick Lamar's comments were fair? How do you feel about the debate on racial identity in rap? Share your thoughts and favorite diss tracks in the comments below!

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