New Release: "Done Did It" – A DISS Track with a Purpose - Jack Righteous

New Release: "Done Did It" – A DISS Track with a Purpose

New Release: "Done Did It" – A DISS Track with a Purpose

I'm excited to share my latest track, "Done Did It." This song, unofficially known as "Diddy Done Did It," references P Diddy's various legal troubles, specifically citing the 2016 incident at a hotel involving his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. This track is another addition to my collection of DISS tracks, and I want to explain why I, as a Christian artist, am involved in creating such content.

Why I Create DISS Tracks

As a Christian artist, you might wonder why I choose to create DISS tracks. The reason is quite simple: I need an outlet for my raw emotions. Music has always been a therapeutic medium for me, allowing me to express my thoughts and opinions creatively while working through my feelings. This track about P Diddy is particularly triggering for me, and crafting this song has been a way to process those emotions.

Balancing Anger and Faith

Even though this song stems from anger, I am committed to keeping Jesus in my heart. I firmly believe that it's okay to be angry at times; it's a natural human reaction. However, maintaining civility and avoiding cuss words is essential for me. It's a mark of maturity and growth to channel anger constructively without resorting to harmful language or actions.

Providing Context

To provide more context, I've embedded two videos from CNN. The first video shows the assault on Cassie Ventura by P Diddy in 2016, and the second video features P Diddy's public apology. These videos help paint a clearer picture of the events that inspired "Done Did It."

CNN Videos

  1. Assault Incident (2016):

    CNN Video Link

  2. P Diddy's Apology:

    CNN Video Link

Share Your Thoughts

I would love to hear your thoughts on this track and the issues it addresses. Do you think it's appropriate for a Christian artist to create DISS tracks? How do you balance expressing raw emotions and maintaining faith? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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